Autumn 2017 will open the West Swedish high school, a new school that has a vision of how
the ideal learning environment look like! The school is non-profit and has grown out of local associations and
its values ​​- together always make each other better. Our goal is for you to reach your full potential
and new possibilities for the future. Choose us and become part of a new and exciting school!


West Swedish school offers great flexibility in teaching
to be able to combine your high school education with
your involvement in a local association. Together we lift
your abilities and find new solutions to problems square
and focus more on your ability than any


Two national programs

You can choose from two national high school programs
• Science program with a focus on
Science and Society
• Electricity and Energy Program focused on electrical engineering
We will also offer places for IM programs.



Joy gives motivation

High school should be a time of joy and learning. You are
important to us and will always feel welcome.
Therefore we have created a school organization that focuses on
good relationships between pupils and school staff. All should show
mutual respect for each other variations. If you get more
sports and bustle of your everyday life and you feel comfortable and have fun in
school will increase your motivation and achievement in school. We
want to work with you to create a school that you long for!


committed staff group

You will meet a very dedicated and competent
staff group with great experience and a documented ability
to teach. We see the cooperation and collaboration as a self-
clarity on the basis of our democratic approach to school activities. All
to influence and feel part of their school!
Each of us will take your training seriously, and we
really mean it. Together with you, we want to see how far
You can reach your personal development!